juices and smoothies 101.

hello lovely readers!!!!  things have been a little cra-a-a-a-azy around here lately.  weird health issues, big accomplishments, and lots of running around like free-range chickens. the house is a mess. the laundry is piled high ~ both dirty and clean. and the to-do lists are running our lives.  who’s with me on this wild ride called life?  and i don’t even have KIDS!  mommies ~ how do you do it?

in the last month, i have started juicing on a daily basis, and i can’t believe what an amazing addition to my life this has been.  some days i do a smoothie rather than a juice, but i try to start every day with a big green drink of some sort ~ lots of greens, berries, fresh lemon, ginger, flax oil ~ you know ~ all those things every single person in america is talking about ad nauseum.  and i am the FIRST person to bring those healthy trend words up.  hey! we should turn it into a drinking game across america ~ every time you hear the words superfood, quinoa, or kale on tv or anywhere, you take a shot of whisky!  we’d be tanked by 9am.

so, while i’m soooo passionate about eating all these healthy foods, i must admit i’m a little overwhelmed by it all.  how on earth do you get all of it in every day?


just throw all that crap into the blender or juicer, put it in a pretty glass with a straw, and suck it down.  you can do it!  and you can do it all before the sun even comes up!

but first, you need a cute little container to store all those heavy hitters in your fridge.  i have a clear plastic refrigerator organizer i bought from target, and it stores all my items i like to include in my smoothies. that way i can take it out and not forget any ingredients.  putting together the box might be expensive at first, but the ingredients last a long time.  remember you’re only using a tablespoon or two each day.

my smoothie box has: flax oil, flax meal, hemp seeds, raw sliced almonds and other raw nuts, chia seeds, cinnamon, fresh ginger, stevia packets, and m&m’s.

just kidding ha ha!  just wanted to make sure i wasn’t boring you!

and here’s a smoothie recipe that can get you started, just in case you’re overwhelmed, too.

  • pour 2 cups water in a blender and add some or all of the following…
  • a tablespoon or two of whatever is in your smoothie box (see how that got tons easier?)
  • a handful of nuts
  • 1/4 small lemon, peel and all…and blend for about 60 seconds.
  • next, add your fabulous greens.  get a big box of spinach or greens mix at the store (organic for sure!) and you’ll have enough for the week.  put in two large handfuls and blend for 60 more seconds, or until smooth.
  • add mixed frozen berries, banana, oranges, whatever…and blend some more.
  • and drink like your life depends on it ~ because it does!

note: these aren’t the smoothies you get from smoothie king or a place in the mall. there’s no dairy or sugar in them.  try not to add any dairy to them.  it just bogs down the system.

when you’ve gulped down this treat, you’ll know you got lots of superfoods in, and you can relax and tune out all those health nuts for the rest of the day!  and ironically, you’ll have more energy than you know what to do with!


if you’re dieting and trying to count your calories like me, this seems to be the only way i can keep my calories down in the day, and feel like i don’t have to live under a rock.

if you have problems with the texture of a smoothie, remember you can add more water, or even almond milk, if you need.  and keep trying it ~ if i can get used to it, anyone can.

juices are easier.  throw in all the organic veggies and fruits you can find lying around your house and throw them in the juicer, peel and all.  the only caveat ~ you need a juicer and you need to clean your juicer.  i have a FUSION JUICER which was $100 and i love it. it’s the easiest juicer on the market to clean, and that matters to me.  there are also great juice places in KC ~ filling station, t.Loft, to name just a few.

you don’t get your fiber when you juice.  and you can’t necessarily add things like chia seeds and flax.  but the straight juice is like a super fast absorbing shot of vitamins and minerals, that flush out your organs and get things moving.  it’s like a roto-rooter for your body!  and it is INSTANT energy.  way more powerful than coffee.

and just look at all this drinkable sunshine!!!


don’t know why that picture is so blurry ~ i probably was shaking from the anticipation of drinking it.  ha ha

whether you choose a juice or a smoothie, try making one of these for just three days in a row and and just see how you feel.  it’s incredible.  it will fuel your day and lighten your step!




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