dr. martin.

i want to share someone with you lovely health-seekers.  i went to a naturopathic doctor about 6 months ago, thanks to a wonderful friend who recommended him, and he changed my life.  i’m not exaggerating.  everything is different, now that i know why i cannot digest food normally.

his name is dr. michael martin and he uses a bio feedback machine to check enzyme levels throughout your body, to detect if things are off-kilter.  you go in with a list of issues and he reads the frequencies of each area by simply pushing on a pressure point in your hand.  i think that’s a fairly accurate description.  it’s so easy.  no pain, no needles, and no guessing!  and it’s affordable, thank the lord!

the first time i went in, he found food poisoning in my large intestine, and he assumed it had been there possibly my entire life.  can you believe?  he sent me home with some enzymes and after a couple months, i could eat gluten again without having terrible pain.  i still don’t eat gluten on a regular basis, but i can cheat and not suffer too badly.

lately, he’s detected that my gall bladder isn’t functioning properly.  chances are, i could have endured months of pain, and possibly surgery to remove my gall bladder.  but because he could so easily detect the issue, i’m just taking enzymes and i already feel better.

long story short, GO TO THIS GUY!  he’s amazing, affordable, and it takes the guessing game out of what’s going on in our bodies!!


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