i have not reviewed a kc restaurant in FOREVER!  but yesterday after church, i had plans to go to brunch with a certain choral conductor.  we love RAGAZZA for dinner, or happy hour.  it’s a lovely little restaurant, located on westport road, with probably 10 tables at the most.  gorgeous italian food, house-made limoncello ~ just a wonderful place to spend some time with the ones you love.

but really, they have outDONE themselves with brunch.  it was the best brunch i’ve had ~ maybe ever.

check out this bloody mary!


that’s a fancy pepperoni slice on the top.  so incredible!

i would say that the most mouth-watering item at ragazza is their creamy, rich polenta.  so imagine my excitement when i saw polenta cakes taking the place of biscuits or any other glutenous bread!  yippee!!!

introducing ~ eggs benedict w/polenta cake and crispy pancetta.  AMAZING.



and the hub had house-made smoked pastrami hash.


that’s gravy made with italian sausage.  i don’t even know what to say after that.

the service is wonderful, too.

you gotta check out this brunch, y’all.

okay, back to juices and smoothies for breakfast.  waaa waa waaaaaa….

4 thoughts on “RAGAZZA.

  1. You are funny!!! But, I’m determined to perfect polenta. It is so delicious and I’m going to try and make it like Ragazza. Yum! I’ll let you know how that turns out.

  2. I think perfecting polenta might take acts of unhealthiness ~ such ingredients that might not be on our diet plans. but if we eat it at ragazza and don’t know what’s in it, it won’t count, right? 🙂

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