just another green juice.


it’s a tradition with my church choir that we go to oklahoma joe’s barbecue after ash wednesday service, knowing full-well that most catholics are refraining from eating meat, and the usual line around the block is just a short 20 minute line.  ha haaa.  i mean ~ talk about a smart, savvy group of people!

and for some of us in the group, it’s the only time all year that we splurge and eat BBQ.  people who are not from kansas city:  you may think we eat BBQ every meal of every day.  we do not.  well, most of us do not.

i, personally, feel like i will spend the rest of the lent season recovering from my burnt ends, french fries and bbq beans.

so, all i want to do this morning is drink a big beautiful green juice.  like the one in the picture!  that color just makes me so happy!  i’m clearly obsessed, and i hear some of you might be as well.

that juice you see in the picture was enjoyed a few mornings ago, and it was unbelievably tasty.  it had a TON of spinach (maybe half a box), a hothouse cucumber, parsley, an entire pineapple, an inch of ginger, and a lime, peel and all.  all of that was organic except the pineapple and ginger.

*folks, it’s important that you go organic when you juice.  i know it’s harder to find and more expensive, but you’re putting the peel and all into your body, and at a quickly-absorbing rate.  so pesticides are kind of counter-productive to this process.  i’m so sorry to break it to you.  but just think about it this way ~ buy some organic fruit and veg, and save on cold medications, antibiotics, and caffeinated stimulants you normally need to get through your day!

also, the glow you will get from this juice far SURPASSES any kind of spray tan or glow-enhancing cosmetic.  trust me!!

enough preaching!  let’s have another mugshot!


add this color to your day and you will NOT regret it!


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