miracle mushroom noodles.

have you heard of shirataki noodles?  AKA miracle noodles?

they come in a clear bag filled with liquid, and they look like japanese rice noodles.  they’re 10 calories a serving!  and they’re low carb, gluten-free, and so quick to prepare.

i found these miracle noodles in the natural foods section of hy-vee, and they were refrigerated.  next to the tofu.  but i’ve also seen them on the shelves at other stores, not refrigerated.  anyway, they’re kind of hard to find, but the search is worth it.  they are truly a miracle and so yummy!

here’s what i made yesterday for lunch ~ it was so good, i just had to share it with you.


i want you to know that i generally don’t think about recipes when i go to the grocery store.  i see mushrooms and they look good or are on sale, and i get them.  i pick up a zucchini or two, the butternut squash looks good, and i just buy whatever i want.  then i come home and put together dishes like this on the fly.

i mention this because i hope it inspires you to just buy the produce you like at the grocery store, and know that you can put it together in all different ways and it will be delicious.  vegetables are unbelievably versatile.  that’s actually not the case for packaged food or meats.  you have to think about your recipe when buying those items, but with fresh fruits and vegetables, you could literally spin the wheel and put together whatever you have in your fridge, and have yourself a meal.  i hope that entices you to buy more fresh veggies!!!

i tried a new ingredient in this dish ~ mushroom stock.  look for the little jars of BETTER THAN BOUILLON.  they make concentrated mushroom stock now and it is pretty fabulous.  but any kind of veggie/chicken stock will work in this “recipe”.

and, of course, you can sub the miracle noodles for rice or pasta.  but i hope you’ll try the miracle noodles.  they’re amazing.


miracle mushroom noodles

  • Servings: 1-2
  • Difficulty: ”easy”
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  • olive oil
  • butter
  • mushrooms
  • onion or shallot
  • garlic
  • zucchini
  • mushroom stock mixed with water
  • shirataki linguine
  • fresh dill
  • cracked black pepper and kosher salt


  1. pour a few glugs of olive oil into a frying pan and heat to medium/medium high.
  2. add shallots and mushrooms (don’t add salt yet).
  3. when mushrooms are starting to caramelize, add the garlic, and salt and pepper.
  4. drop in a tablespoon of butter to finish off the mushrooms.
  5. add the mushroom stock, with about 1 ½ cups water.  stir to combine.
  6. add the zucchini and the well-rinsed miracle noodles, and put the lid on to simmer on low for a few minutes.
  7. finish with fresh dill, and more salt and pepper.


i wish i had a bowl of this for breakfast this morning.  i would totally eat that for breakfast!

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