sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.

homemade salad dressings are my favorite thing in the whole world.  they can make a bowl of boring, raw veggies taste rich and decadent.  and if you do them right, they just add more health to the dish. i made this multi-purpose dressing for a dinner party a while back, and it was so yummy.  it lasts forever in the fridge, and can be used … Continue reading sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.

tricolore salad w/ginger soy dressing.

i’m pretty sure there are more than three colors in this salad, but i love that fancy word for my tricked out lunch! tricolore salad: three-colored salad.  aka: basically the most powerful superfood ingredients you can possibly eat, all in a bowl, hanging out together in harmony.  toss with a tangy dressing, and you have a party. what’s in there?  i can’t rememer ~ i … Continue reading tricolore salad w/ginger soy dressing.

salad ~ the new fast food.

would you just look at this gorgeous salad… in an ideal dream world, we would have a big green salad at every single meal.  it would also be our “fast food” at home, because all the veggies and lettuce would be washed and cut, and the dressing would be homemade and delicious. well guess what?  i’m here to tell you ~ you can have your … Continue reading salad ~ the new fast food.

new attitude.

hello, lovely readers!  it’s confession time… i have serious blogger’s block.  it all started when i decided to go on this fantastic juice cleanse 8 days ago… it  was a beautiful spring day in kansas city… this gorgeous tree right outside my kitchen window was beckoning to me, “pixy…make your insides as beautiful and healthy as my bright purple buds.” so i went on a … Continue reading new attitude.