new attitude.

hello, lovely readers!  it’s confession time…

i have serious blogger’s block.  it all started when i decided to go on this fantastic juice cleanse 8 days ago…


it  was a beautiful spring day in kansas city…


this gorgeous tree right outside my kitchen window was beckoning to me, “pixy…make your insides as beautiful and healthy as my bright purple buds.”

so i went on a cleanse.  eating only fruits, veggies, nuts, fresh juices, water and herbal tea.  for an entire week.

and it was glorious!

but the next part of the cleanse was to reduce it all down to just juices for 5 days.

“that’s not very long!” i said, with naive hopefulness.  but after one morning at my church job ~ one MORNING ~  i was dizzy, energy-free, and completely depressed.

what they don’t tell you with those juice cleanses is:  SINGERS CANNOT CONTINUE TO SING IF THEY DO A JUICE CLEANSE.  we need to be able to stand up and use our whole bodies to make the sound come out and if there’s nothing in there but orange and carrot juices swirling around, you will not make it!

i guess everyone is different, but that’s how it all went down for me.

if i ever attempt to do a juice cleanse again, it will be at a spa with a full staff, and no singing gigs for miles.

but back to that beautiful week of only fruits and veggies.  that i can do forever.  it was so delicious and satisfying!

in the next few months, i will devote my posts to the most clean of all clean eating: plant-based living.  and on the weekends, we’ll splurge and cheat and have fun.  i’ll post that too.

so stay tuned for recipes that are loaded with color, flavor, and happiness!




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