salad ~ the new fast food.

would you just look at this gorgeous salad…


in an ideal dream world, we would have a big green salad at every single meal.  it would also be our “fast food” at home, because all the veggies and lettuce would be washed and cut, and the dressing would be homemade and delicious.

well guess what?  i’m here to tell you ~ you can have your ideal dream world!!

just in case you don’t have the quick and easy homemade salad mastered yet, here are some tips i put together while making my lunch today.

salad tip #1: STEP AWAY FROM THE BOTTLED DRESSING!  you think it’s faster, but it’s not that much faster. and it’s not worth it, either.  you’re eating the most delicious, raw, fresh food money can buy, and you’re going to put sugar, soybean oil, and nasty chemicals on top of it???  SAY WHAT? and if you stop eating it just for 2 weeks, then try it, you’ll be shocked by how gross it tastes.

just adding the juice of a lemon, some good extra virgin olive oil, and salt and pepper is better than any bottled dressing, period.  if you find that not to be true, then consider the contents of your salad.  is it all lettuce, no flavorful veggies?  are your ingredients organic, or in season?  they don’t have to be ~ i’m just trouble-shooting here.  i have a million homemade dressings that suit any mood i’m in.  some of them take just 4 ingredients, and 30 seconds to make.  but my favorite one is GINGER SOY DRESSING, which involves a blender and lots of ingredients, but once you make it, it stays really fresh in the fridge all week.

this is my awesome GINGER SOY dressing, in my cute ikea bottle!



i’ll post that recipe soon!

salad tip #2: fill your salad with your favorite veggies and fruits. don’t just use lettuce, especially iceberg lettuce.  is there any flavor in iceberg lettuce?  no offense, but i’ve graduated from that kind of salad.  i need it to be filled with flavor and color and nutrients. if you make the contents yummy, you won’t need some kind of mayonnaise creamy topping.  and don’t forget the fruit!  dried fruit or simple fresh fruit is amazing.  and nuts!  in fact, don’t forget nuts, seeds and even chia seeds!!

salad tip #3: speaking of mayonnaise dressings ~ if you just have to have a creamy dressing, try substituting greek yogurt.  it’s healthier and really tangy and wonderful.  greek yogurt, stone ground mustard, lemon juice, salt and pepper ~ mmmmm…

salad tip #4: cut up all your veggies and make a big batch of dressing. leave out avocado, but everything else will last all week in the fridge.  cut up all your favorites, mix them together, and put them all in the fridge.  then dish out the amount you want, top with avocado, or tuna, or nuts, and toss with the already-made dressing that you nailed in just minutes.  today, for lunch, i spent about 10 minutes making my dressing and cutting up all my veggies.  i ate 1/3 and put the rest in the fridge for later.  easy and fast!


salad tip #5: mix up your salad with the dressing to incorporate throughout.  don’t just drizzle your dressing ~ it needs to be on every little leaf!  pour a little of your dressing into the bowl (or make it right there in the bowl) and drop in your salad ingredients.  toss well and plate it up.  i love big salad bowls like this one!


that’s a big salad bowl ~ trust me.  i just ate this entire thing and i am STUFFED.  all i need now is a little piece of 85% dark chocolate and a cup of tea, and i’m in heaven.

those are chia seeds sprinkled all over my salad, BTW.  love the crunch they give!

i’ll post this exact salad i made today.  it’s worth knowing about the dressing!


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