superfood salad.

oh my lordy lord, i have not blogged in ages.  and that’s because i haven’t COOKED in ages! i have been SO unhealthy.  i’m sad to admit it, but there it is.  i spent the last few very busy days just feeling sorry for myself, but today, i’m turning it all around with a fresh salad from my own deck-top garden!!!

meet my adorable plants…

cue the montage music…


these pretty little unassuming plants will be the featured stars of most of my posts this summer.  so many greens!  feeling super just having these super foods at my fingertips.

and here’s the first salad of the season with my super stars!


the dressing is very simple:  stone ground mustard, lemon juice, a squirt of honey, olive oil, dill, and salt and pepper.  whisk and toss.

the salad is kale, spinach, fresh basil, feta, chopped raw, unsalted walnuts, chopped avocado, and topped with pink himalayan salt and fresh cracked pepper.  the salt really has a crunch to it.  it has an amazing flavor too!

i’ve been really unhealthy lately, but i’m back on the bandwagon!  thank god for spring!!!


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