kale salad chips.

okay, please don’t run.  i know, i know.  another kale post.  what is my problem!!!  but the more i make kale, the more i figure out how to make it truly scrumptious.  even the hub agrees.  he thought i was trying to kill him the first time i served him a kale salad.  but that’s when i didn’t know you had to marinate it, or … Continue reading kale salad chips.

grilled asian inspired veggies.

i took these grilled veggies to a church choir party and they were a hit.  just thought i’d share. i can’t help it ~ i like to get the camera super duper close to these sexy little beauties. they’re too yummy for words. and then, oops.  i added pineapple.  mmmmm…. here’s the trick, folks.  if you learn to salivate over fruits and vegetables, well then you can … Continue reading grilled asian inspired veggies.

baked italian fish.

this isn’t even a recipe, it’s so easy.  it’s not very often that you come across an entire meal with only four ingredients…that’s good for you, anyway.  sure ~ hamburger, bun, french fries.  but this is light, delicious fish with veggies! remember the baked fish i had at the amish restaurant my mother and i went to?  well, this is my version! drop a fresh … Continue reading baked italian fish.