baked italian fish.


this isn’t even a recipe, it’s so easy.  it’s not very often that you come across an entire meal with only four ingredients…that’s good for you, anyway.  sure ~ hamburger, bun, french fries.  but this is light, delicious fish with veggies!


remember the baked fish i had at the amish restaurant my mother and i went to?  well, this is my version!

  • drop a fresh piece of tilapia, cod, or swai down into a baking dish with sides.  (i just made one piece of fish because i was a bachelorette that night, so i used a loaf pan.)
  • lay sliced portobello mushrooms over top.
  • pour your favorite italian dressing over the whole thing.  there are some pretty clean, healthy dressings out there right now, and they’re usually with the bagged lettuce, refrigerated.  i used olive garden italian dressing because i had a hankering.
  • bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes.  check the fish for doneness.  maybe your oven is hotter…


  • add steamed broccoli (i made mine in the microwave ~ season broccoli with salt and pepper, put in a bowl with just a little water, and cover.  cook for 2 minutes.)


isn’t that the easiest?  i’m gonna make it again tonight!

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  1. Love the quick, easy idea!!! Perfect for people who are freaking moving and already packed most of their kitchen stuff 😉

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