grilled asian inspired veggies.

i took these grilled veggies to a church choir party and they were a hit.  just thought i’d share.


i can’t help it ~ i like to get the camera super duper close to these sexy little beauties.

they’re too yummy for words.


and then, oops.  i added pineapple.  mmmmm….

here’s the trick, folks.  if you learn to salivate over fruits and vegetables, well then you can salivate and obsess and ooh and aah ALL DAY LONG.  no one will stop you.  and your body will THANK YOU.

i heard this on a podcast just recently, and i just had to share it.  our bodies need fruits and vegetables.  it’s plain and simple.  there are no substitutions.  you can’t just pop a pill or take an extra multi-vitamin.  you need everything GOD’S MEDICINE has to offer. you need it to exist and thrive.  so get out your grill pan, or fire up your grill, chop your veggies, and get your CRUNCH ON!

asian inspired grilled veggies

  • Difficulty: ”easy”
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  • chop up some yummy veggies into large chunks.  here’s what i like: asparagus, zucchini, grape tomatoes (leave those whole), red, orange and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, and don’t forget the red onion!  something magical happens to onion on the grill.  you gotta have it!
  • oh, and fresh PINEAPPLE.  OH BABY.
  • toss with this dressing:  soy sauce, just a tablespoon toasted sesame seed oil, some crushed garlic, olive oil, stone ground mustard, and the zest and juice of one orange. (these are just the basics ~ if you wanna get fancy and add jalapenos or cilantro, or even a spicy korean chili paste, go right ahead!)
  • put it all in a big ziplock and let it marinate in the fridge, overnight, if you have time.
  • you can skewer these, or use a grill sheet pan with holes, that can sit on your outdoor grill (my fave), or you can use a grill pan inside on your stove.
  • finish with toasted sesame seeds!

tip:  bring your produce home from the famers market or grocery store and just cut them up and throw them in a ziplock or two.  make your dressings and get these beautiful veggies marinating.  that way, when you get ready for dinner, those babies are ready to go!

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