kale salad chips.

okay, please don’t run.  i know, i know.  another kale post.  what is my problem!!!  but the more i make kale, the more i figure out how to make it truly scrumptious.  even the hub agrees.  he thought i was trying to kill him the first time i served him a kale salad.  but that’s when i didn’t know you had to marinate it, or massage it, or whatever you do to get your kale to play nicely.

well i found another absolutely yummy way to eat it!  so, we’ve discovered that if you wash and cut your kale, and put it in a ziplock bag with some olive oil, it’s much, much better, right?  WELL…i wanted to get rid of some olive garden dressing i bought for that baked fish i made last week, and i just poured it into my bag of fresh kale from the farmers market.  i marinated it overnight, and made it into kale chips today.

it was bursting with flavor!  it’s like turning salad into a crunchy snack!

just marinate your kale in whatever dressing you like ~ homemade is much healthier, but man that olive garden dressing was GOOOOD.  put the kale on a sheet pan and bake it for 12-15 minutes (or until crispy and brown) at 400 degrees.  sprinkle a little kosher salt after it’s done and then stand right there over your stove and eat every last bit.

oh wait that’s me.

disclaimer:  kale is an ACQUIRED taste and texture.  if you’ve had it once or twice and you think it’s vile, please don’t give up!  it is truly addictive and so insanely good for you.  chances are you’ve had bad versions of it, and don’t even bother with the bagged, already washed and cut version.  they leave the stalks on and there’s no flavor at all.

so try these and let me know what you think!!!

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