authentic greek salad.

i have been losing my MIND over this greek salad lately.   i’ve always loved greek salad ~ my favorite salad for sure ~ but ever since the hub and i visited a girlfriend of mine and her wonderful family (who happen to be greek), i’ve not been able to go without making this salad at least once a week.  yep, it’s THAT good. the … Continue reading authentic greek salad.

culinary adventures: thailand.

HELLO LOVELY READERS!!!  are you still out there?  sorry i’ve been kinda quiet this summer.  i’ve been traveling some, completing a new project i finished earlier this month, and working on my sun spots ~ i mean, tan! i’ve really missed posting fun recipes.  this blog motivates and inspires me to get in the kitchen and make healthy, clean, delicious food every single day.  and while … Continue reading culinary adventures: thailand.