tulip on the plaza.

every once in a while, i like to share a favorite kansas city spot with you.  i should really do this more often, because i have so many favorite spots in this awesome town, and i have such impeccable taste.  HA HA HA.  just kidding of course!  i just wanted to make sure you weren’t snoozing through your monday morning!

no, what i really have is champagne taste on a lemonade budget.  and it’s possible in this town, thanks to local shops like this one!

i’ve written a post about this shop before ~ but it has moved, and that can be hard on a local store, so i wanted you to know where it is.

come visit this new, adorable location!

still on the plaza, but just across the street from brush creek, this cute little parisian shop is chock full of beautiful prints, flattering styles that work for non-model bodies (go figure), DRESSES WITH SLEEVES (yippeee!!!), tunics galore, and all at pretty darn affordable prices!  everything is hand-picked by the owner, and all the women who work there are so nice.


yesterday, i purchased this little ode to audrey hepburn for only $49.


i’m going to wear it to my next concert with a black leotard and red heels.

think i’ll look like minnie mouse?

good!  that’s what i was going for!

support your local shops and stop by TULIP on the plaza.

oh, and don’t forget to like their FB page!  https://www.facebook.com/tulipkc


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