magic in the kitchen.

okay, i’m having a seriously amazing culinary day. for breakfast, i had a farm-fresh egg from my amazing friends’ farm, topped with fresh jalapeno, which was given to me by another incredible person in my life.  i think they might have come from his garden. it really pays to know wonderful people, doesn’t it? complete with a bit of avocado, some chia seed love, and a … Continue reading magic in the kitchen.

scallops on a bed of veggies.

such a light, beautiful, satisfying little meal. so, i’ve started this little diet plan ~ i’m sure you’ve never heard of it.  it’s not that popular and i really haven’t heard about anyone who’s done it and gotten any results.  it’s called weight watchers.  ha ha. i’ll try not to bombard you with “point values” and info like that on here, because if you’re using … Continue reading scallops on a bed of veggies.