magic in the kitchen.

okay, i’m having a seriously amazing culinary day.

for breakfast, i had a farm-fresh egg from my amazing friends’ farm, topped with fresh jalapeno, which was given to me by another incredible person in my life.  i think they might have come from his garden.

it really pays to know wonderful people, doesn’t it?

complete with a bit of avocado, some chia seed love, and a grapefruit, it was a delectable start to the day.


ooh baby ~ just how i like that yolk…

that’s an egg fried in coconut oil SPRAY, fried crisp and brown on one side, flipped over gently, and taken off the burner to finish cooking for another minute off the heat.  perfection.

that jalapeno was so bright and the yolk so rich.  good stuff.

and then…

for lunch, i created a new recipe!

i haven’t done that in a while.  always exciting!

here’s a picture first, to tantalize your taste buds…


quinoa tabbouleh, i think i’ll called it!  there’s more of that yummy jalapeno in there, and some salty israeli feta cheese.  i have to admit, i couldn’t stop eating this recipe.  it was very hard to refrain from a third helping.

finally, my amazing trio (hi elena and dan!!!) is coming over tonight to rehearse, so i made some cookies using my new superfood seed flour!

it’s called “guiltless superfood seed flour”, and my friend catherine told me about it a while back.  (hi catherine!!!)

it’s made of hemp, flax, chia, sunflower, poppy seeds, and more.  it works exactly like regular flour!!!  YIPPEE!!!  and the result?


a stack of heaven…

after taking this picture, i just stuffed all of those in my mouth like a big burger.

no i didn’t.

but i contemplated it.

now if i can just get them to be sugar free, we’d be in business!

recipes coming soon!



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