scallops on a bed of veggies.


such a light, beautiful, satisfying little meal.

so, i’ve started this little diet plan ~ i’m sure you’ve never heard of it.  it’s not that popular and i really haven’t heard about anyone who’s done it and gotten any results.  it’s called weight watchers.  ha ha.

i’ll try not to bombard you with “point values” and info like that on here, because if you’re using WW, you’ve got the app and can plug in your own points, etc.  and the rest of you might be super annoyed if i wax on and on.  but i’m so happy to be on the plan.  it’s such a load off my mind.  the system has been modernized and i love the focus on veggies and fruits, which are zero points always!

i’ve always felt like i eat like a bird, and i also am so health conscious.  clean eating is my passion ~ however, clean eating can sometimes mean a lot of healthy fats, and they DO ADD UP.  or, so i’ve just recently discovered.  i also discovered i cheat ~ a lot.  so i’m feeling really great about this new endeavor, and i will share the point values from time to time on here, within reason. 🙂

i made this dish last night before i went to my first adult beginner ballet class, and it sustained me through 90 minutes of plies and rond de jambes. i wasn’t even that hungry when i got home!  but then again, a person tends to lose their appetite when they’ve been confused and humiliated for an hour and a half.

who me?  no.

let’s get back to something i know how to do…

  • the scallops i used are the frozen kind you get in a big bag at costco.  and they are scrumptious.  a real bargain, since you really only need 3 per person.  submerge them in cold water for 10-15 minutes, or until they’re defrosted throughout, then dry them off with a paper towel.  brush with olive oil on both sides, and dust with kosher or sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.

(don’t have those items?  got the plain ole’ table salt and finely ground pepper?  take the plunge!  these ingredients make all the different in everything you cook.  trust me!  you can find both in the spice aisle ~ the kosher salt comes in a large dark blue box, and you don’t even need a fancy peppercorn mill ~ most come in a jar that acts as a mill.  it’s that easy and so worth it.)

the scallops are ready to be seared!

  • heat your skillet to medium high ~ you want a good sear and some color on these sweet little thangs.
  • drop the scallops in and let them hang out for a minute or so, or until you check on one and it’s nice and brown.  then turn them over and do the same thing on the other side.
  • take them out and let them rest on a plate while you’re cooking your veggies in the same pan. (no need messing up two pans.  plus, you have all those brown bits and some leftover oil.  yummmm.)
  • drop in some mushrooms.  i just discovered a trifecta of already-washed and sliced shitakes, baby portobellos, and oyster mushrooms.  i’ll be OD-ing on those every week!
  • you might need to add a little more oil.  those mushrooms get thirsty!
  • after the mushrooms get brown (about 1-2 minutes), add some other vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, onion ~ whatever you have in your fridge.  i had a leftover veggie platter from a party i had this weekend, so i just dropped those in.
  • add a little veggie stock, or BETTER THAN BOUILLON, my favorite thing, with some water.  let everything simmer and soften, while adding any herbs or spices you’d like.  i added a lemon herb seasoning i bought down in mennonite country a few weeks ago, but i couldn’t really taste it.  what i should have added was garlic, so i’ll do that next time for sure.

could you imagine how delicious those veggies would be with curry added?  gotta try that too!

those veggies all take less than 5 minutes.  don’t let them lose their color and brightness ~ you’re just heating them through.

then plate it all up and enjoy!


look at that camera hog ~ leave it to a scallop to take center stage!

WW ALERT: (that’s what i’ll call it when i reveal the weight watcher points ha ha)

here’s the deal about this gorgeous and filling dish: i get 30 points a day, and i overdid it at lunch.  this entire dish is TWO POINTS.  the scallops are 1 (three scallops are 1 point ~ craaaaazy!) and the 1 teaspoon of olive oil i used for the whole dish is also 1 point (also very difficult for me to believe!)  i’ve been eating too much coconut, avocado and olive oil.  i had no idea!  you’re going to see a difference in my recipes from here on out.  i’ll still always use these wonderful, clean oils, but not so heavy-handed, and possibly measured out each time…

have a great day, everyone!!!

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  1. I have been doing WW for 21 months now and love it! I have dropped 65+ and have never felt better ! So glad you enjoy it!

    1. WOWEEE!!! Congratulations! I’m already loving it. I just feel so much less stress and am already seeing a difference. Thank you for commenting! I’ll try to post WW points as much as possible!

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