tahini salad dressing.

me again. what a bad friend ~ you don’t hear from me for weeks, and then you get incessant post after post. but this is how my life is ~ 7 gigs in a week, then nothing for a week, then no students, then all the students in the world, then i have amazing, undying energy, then i have none.  this is the life of … Continue reading tahini salad dressing.

greek yogurt 101.

recently, i’ve discovered the amazing versatility of greek yogurt.  i personally don’t enjoy yogurt by itself, with fruit, or anything sweet.  but i do like it in dressings, dips, sauces, etc. we all know you can add greek yogurt to a creamy sauce, and it makes it thicker and tangier.  but did you know you can simply use greek yogurt alone, and leave out the … Continue reading greek yogurt 101.

seize the day with crudité!!

i first want to say that i am so grateful to those of you who commented on my last post regarding my latest bout of that nasty depression.  thank you so much for your sweet words of wisdom, and for caring enough to even take out the time to read my sob story! now, on to FOOOOOD TALK!!!! i have so missed my healthy lifestyle … Continue reading seize the day with crudité!!


i am having a really tough month.  well actually, october was tough.  it’s november now, isn’t it.  i’ve always had bouts of depression since i was little.  did you know that depression and gut issues go hand in hand?  cure one, possibly cure the other?  well i’ve had both my entire life, so there you go.  and also, i’m the artist type who doesn’t believe … Continue reading UGH.