seize the day with crudité!!


i first want to say that i am so grateful to those of you who commented on my last post regarding my latest bout of that nasty depression.  thank you so much for your sweet words of wisdom, and for caring enough to even take out the time to read my sob story!

now, on to FOOOOOD TALK!!!!

i have so missed my healthy lifestyle these past dark weeks.  there was lots of gluten and sugar and feeling rotten and sluggish, but today is a new day!  so let’s start with some raw, fresh veggie goodness, shall we?  gotta undo the last few weeks!

obviously, there’s no recipe necessary.  just the concept that started with a…


what if ~ every day ~ you had fresh crudité with a healthy greek yogurt dip at your fingertips all day long! why haven’t i done this already?  i’m sure many of you savvy lunch packers have already thought of this, so i’m probably a little late in the game…

how many fresh, raw, clean veggies could you actually eat if they were sitting around all day, like those donuts in the break room that haunt you from the moment they’re brought in (by some skinny old guy with low cholesterol, no doubt)?  just a tomato here, a carrot there, and what a great way to get your yogurt in too!

here’s what i did for the dip…

  • get a small container of the plain greek yogurt that’s 0% (or 2% if you like that better). i bought fage.
  • add a seasoning packet of some sort.  i have these dill dressing packets that are made in germany and they are soooo good.  but 1/2 of a ranch dressing packet would be great, or whatever seasoning mix you have.
  • add herbs if you got ’em.  i added dried dill, celery seed, salt and pepper.
  • add lemon juice.

that’s it.  you can do even less than that, or more if you’re needing something special. cucumber would be amazing in there, but i didn’t have any.

i’ve been noshing on the stuff for an hour now and i feel amazing!  i got back into my running this morning and was famished when i got home, but i didn’t make any rash decisions because the crudité was ready in minutes.

now, i know we don’t all get to work from home like i do ~ lucky me ~ but you know what to do:  get those veggies in a container or ziplock and take them with you to work, or while running your errands.  especially if you know you’re going somewhere that presents a personal weaknesses, like for me, walking into target always makes me want a hot dog.  i don’t care how gross that is, i need some kind of treat waiting in my car for me, so i don’t trick myself into thinking i’m starving, when really, i just want some popcorn, or that hot dog.

enjoy your day and eat some crudité!!!!

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