greek yogurt 2.0!

remember yesterday, when i went on and on about all the ways you could use greek yogurt?  well i compiled some pictures to prove it!

let’s start with that idea that a cream sauce could be made with only greek yogurt, shall we?  that’s just too good to be true!

and yet, here are two mouth-watering recipes that will tell you otherwise!

FALL PASTITIO ~ i made this for a dinner party and posted it a few weeks ago.  that little bit of white creaminess just under the cheesy crust is bechamel sauce made only with greek yogurt.  here’s the post with the recipe!


and this was a splurge ~ pasta alla vodka with REAL PENNE PASTA.  i haven’t cooked with real pasta in ages.  i don’t regret it at all…

vodka sauce is usually made with marinara sauce, heavy cream (lots of it), and vodka.  this was made with a little bit of homemade marinara my mother-in-law brought us (thank you so much, Cindy!), greek yogurt, and just a few tablespoons of vodka at the end.  topped with fresh basil and parmesan.  overall, a fairly healthy sauce.  and it was delicious.


and how about some creamy potato salad?  made with absolutely NO mayo!  greek yogurt, white vinegar, stone ground mustard, celery seed, dill, salt and pepper.  i think that might be all i used.  red new potatoes and lots of celery.  you don’t need my recipe ~ just use your favorite potato salad recipe and sub in the yogurt.


finally, this is just a picture of a simple green salad with cucumbers ~ and yogurt dressing.  greek yogurt, white vinegar, dijon mustard, dill, and salt and pepper.  a little goes a long way for this dressing ~ the dressing cozies up to every single leaf.  perfection.


just a little visual motivation, that’s all!!!  greek yogurt-ing!

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