It’s likely you’ve been to the Cafe Europa in Brookside, if you live in Kansas City, and if you can afford such luxuries.  I’ve only ever been there when someone else was paying (not-so-starving artist, thanks to generous people in my life).

Well there’s a new, 2nd Cafe Europa, in my neighborhood!!!

I’m sitting at the bar this morning, enjoying a gorgeous decaf cappuccino, a savory rice bowl, and a front row view of beautiful Union Hill on a drizzly December morning.

Located on the first floor of the new Union Hill Apartments on the corner of Gillham Road and McGee Trafficway, this gorgeous bistro is just across the street from the Filling Station, and, not for nothin’, next door to my gym.  It’s possibly I will never darken the doors of said gym again, knowing I could simply walk the other way and actually enjoy my morning, versus kill myself on a treadmill.

Being a foodie takes that kind of focus and discipline, folks.

Just like the Cafe Europa in Brookside, this one has a bakery and a wine store next door.  The breakfast menu is small but perfect.  And I hear the lemon cake here is famous, and made with crack.


Come hang out with me and check out this beautiful new restaurant in town!


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