introducing…the PIXYCLEANSE.

Hi Friends!

Next week, I’m trying something new. I don’t know
about you but all the negativity and toxicity in the world has got me
moving slow, and binge-eating my feelings. Feeling this unhealthy and
sluggish is not making the world’s problems go away. I’ve got to
reverse this!

So I’ve decided to give myself the gift of health, vitality, and youth
– and if you live in the KC Metro area, I want to offer it to you, too!

Join me on a 5-day mind-body-spirit PIXYCLEANSE, February 6-10!
Let’s make February a month of love and happy bodies, shall we?  I’m
making all the food myself: a fresh juice for breakfast, a smoothie
for lunch, and a gorgeous salad for dinner – all hand delivered to you
each morning!

If you’ve never done a cleanse, here’s what you can expect:
1. Most people lose weight
2. Your mood will be lifted
3. No more foggy brain
4. You will have tons of energy
5. You will enjoy the taste of fresh, organic fruits and veggies,
bought and prepared for you, and brought right to your door every day!

The PIXYCLEANSE is $100 for 5 days of yummy veggies, fruits, nuts and
seeds, plus daily, loving support, inspiration, and ideas to make it a
successful week (I’ve got some peace-focusing distractions we can all do together).

DON’T WORRY ~ I don’t shame people for adding meals.  Life can’t stop for a cleanse, so do what you need to do.  I’ll just give you the guidelines on how to get the most out of it!

So, who’s with me????!!!!

Feel free to comment below, or e-mail me at

Love, Pixy
#loveyourbody #pixycleanse

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