pixycleanse day 3.

this post may feel like an over-share, but i want to be honest during this cleanse…

i don’t know about the rest of you, but this cleansing thing is SO HARD.  i’m definitely eating other whole foods right now, because i can tell i just need a little more food to make it through the day.  but i’m keeping things super clean ~ an apple, some raw nuts, sometimes a bowl of vegan soup from my freezer at night.

also, i am extremely emotional.  i was in really bad shape last night.  i think i have some serious skeletons in my closet that need to get worked out, and they are doing the thriller dance in my head, without my control or permission.  so there’s that.

i started out so peaceful and grateful for this journey, and now i’m lost, exhausted, and feel utterly hopeless.  time to work through some things today and get on the other side of this.

the first thing i did this morning was make out a list of all the things that i need to admit to myself are everyday necessities for me ~ no matter what.  whether i do them or not right now, there are just some things that i know in my gut would make my life so rich and full.  i asked the hub to do the same thing, and wow ~ his list was so amazing that i bawled my eyes out.

see?  emotional.

i’m not usually a crier.  i went through a lot in my 20’s and 30’s, so i just don’t cry much anymore.  perspective doesn’t allow the tears to flow.

so my list is full of have-to’s and want-to’s.  HAVE TO PRACTICE.  WANT TO HAVE FUN EVERY DAY.  but that wasn’t the exercise.  the exercise was the necessities.

the hub had EAT GREAT FOOD, DRINK GREAT WINE, COMPANIONSHIP, SOLITUDE ~ amazing stuff like that.  and he was so right on.  he didn’t put down anything that even remotely sounded like a chore.

i need to clear my muddled mind all day long and come up with a bare necessities list that doesn’t look like a to-do list ~ cuz there’s a battle going on in this tired mind of mine and it’s time to figure things out.

on to happier subjects ~ the food!


  1. 3 red bell peppers
  2. 3 cucumbers
  3. 2 bunches celery
  4. handful of parsley
  5. 1 pineapple
  6. 4 green apples
  7. 1 jicama

add tomatoes and onion and it really would taste like gazpacho!


  1. 3 cups spinach water (you know how to do this by now…)
  2. 2-4 tablespoons chia seeds
  3. 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  4. 1 lemon, peeled, seeds removed
  5. 2 cups frozen berries
  6. 2 bananas
  7. 1 Tablespoon coconut oil


i’m eating mine right now, as i write this.  it is so darn good, and filling.  these salads are supposed to be for dinner, but i’m eating mine midday and making a vegan soup tonight for the hub and i.

  1. romaine lettuce
  2. dark green lettuce mix (or just spinach)
  3. cannellini beans (i used dried and made them in the crock pot yesterday)
  4. macerated red onions
  5. kalamata olives

did i forget anything?  4:30 was soooo long agooooo….

this would be amazing with artichoke hearts and tomatoes!

dressing:  it the usual base ~ stone ground mustard, honey, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper and olive oil.  added ingredients to make it more italian ~ sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olive JUICE, red wine vinegar, and fresh basil.

i used the jarred sun-dried tomatoes, but really prefer the packaged ones that aren’t in oil.  i couldn’t find those ~ i hope you PIXYCLEANSERS liked it anyway!

by the way, i don’t have any pictures of this stuff because it’s 4:30am when i make it, and i can’t think straight that early in the morning.  also, you’ve seen a fresh juice ~ not very exciting!






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