pixycleanse day 5.

FINAL DAY!!!  this was such a challenge and i learned SO much about myself in this process!  i’m super proud of my 6 pixycleansers, who rocked this week!  you are amazing!

here are the final recipes…


i put everything but the kitchen sink, as it were, in this juice.  everything that was left in my fridge and fruit basket.  the only thing that is left in my kitchen is a pineapple that didn’t make the cut.  it’s a barren land in there.

here’s the juice:

  1. jicama
  2. honeydew melon
  3. oranges
  4. apples
  5. ginger
  6. carrots

pretty clean and simple.  yummy too!


my favorite concrete at andy’s frozen custard is the straw-ana.  fresh strawberries and bananas atop creamy vanilla frozen custard.  to be honest, i usually eat all the fruit and about 4 bites of the concrete and that’s really all i can handle.  i wind up in a sugar coma just from the bananas.  (where has that girl gone, who could eat all her halloween candy in one fell swoop?)

this is a nod to that summer treat:

  1. bananas
  2. frozen strawberries
  3. almond butter
  4. coconut oil
  5. cinnamon
  6. supergreens water
  7. chia seeds



this salad was invented at 4:59 this morning, when i had made the juices and the smoothies and looked in my fridge and had absolutely nothing in there but a bag of organic romaine lettuce, cannellini beans, and a large sweet onion.  uhhh – what in the world am i gonna do with this?  i thought about juicing the lettuce and making a soup with the onion and beans, but my brain hurt too much to even think about making a soup.

so i caramelized the onions.  here’s the salad:

  1. romaine lettuce
  2. thinly sliced sweet onions, caramelized in a large pan with a little olive oil and salt
  3. one box grape tomatoes
  4. cannellini beans

the dressing:  garlic, dijon mustard, juice of 2 lemons, a dash of balsamic vinegar, a little rice wine vinegar as well, olive oil, salt and pepper.  blend.

i hope it was good.  it was just too early to even taste.

and that’s all.  that’s the last of the healthy, living food in my kitchen.  pixy’s kitchen is officially closed for business, and in serious need of a deep cleaning!

what i’ve learned in this process:

  • i really, really like to get up early.  it’s kind of worrying me.  how is this possible?  i love watching the sun come up, especially from my kitchen.
  • if you’re driving early in the morning and you aren’t awake, play lionel richie’s “all night long” and you will be singing and dancing in your car.
  • i have no willpower what.so.ever.  and i don’t even have the willpower to work on my willpower.
  • you pixycleansers were AMAZING.  i loved doing this for you.
  • doing things for others is the greatest way to start your day.
  • a nap does not take the place of 8 hours of sleep at night.
  • i have some unfinished emotional healing to do.  working on it, starting now.
  • i’m addicted to fun.

i learned more, but i’m too tired to think of any of it.

goodnight.  🙂

(and see you soon for REAL food posts tout’de suite!!!)


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