another breakfast post.

here i go posting another post about eggs and breakfast.

but i just feel like it’s so easy to start your day off wrong.  and i’m here to tell you that it is just as easy to start your day off right!  yahoo!!!

i know that most of you have so little time in the morning…this breakfast takes less than 5 minutes to make, two minutes to eat, can be taken to go if needed, and only dirty’s up one little frying pan.

step 1:  heat up your skillet with a little coconut oil.

step 2: add two eggs, and some salt and pepper (we are so lucky to know a beautiful woman who is a farmer ~ her happy little chickens produce the most amazing, yellow eggs.  i think there should be a for matchmaking people with chickens!)

step 3: while the eggs are cooking, cut up a large handful of fresh spinach, and halve some grape tomatoes.  if you don’t like tomatoes, add red peppers or another yummy vegetable.  but you gotta have the spinach!

step 4: flip the eggs and drop in the tomatoes.  put the spinach on top.  add salt and pepper, or or seasonings, and squirt with fresh lemon juice.  turn off the pan and let cook for another minute.

step 5: you can either put a plate on top of the pan and flip it all out upside down, or you can use a spatula.  the eggs should be on top of the spinach.  add chia seeds and enjoy!

if you want it eat it in the car, wrap it all up in a tortilla!

here’s a quick pic…


i’m a huge fan of cereal, donuts, bagels ~ especially donuts.  i love donuts.  and i think we should indulge every once in a while, for sure.  but it’s no way to start the day.  even the most healthy cereals only spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling HANGRY by 10:30.

this egg dish is giving me such energy right now, and it will continue to work for me until lunchtime, when i will have that donut.

ha ha ha.  made you look!

but seriously ~ now i want a donut…

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