bullet-proof coffee + collagen.

i’m not going to candy-coat this…

i’m on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, still in my jammies, watching dr. oz…

…at 9:30 in the morning.

it’s way too late for dignity.

in my defense, i’m nursing a terrible headache that’s been hanging on for more than 2 days.  it’s hard for me to accept that i get to have these mornings, when i know so many people who work so hard and never get this kind of luxury, no matter how badly they feel.

anyway, that’s my own issue.  on to the reason for this post!

as i already reluctantly admitted, i’m watching dr. oz.  he’s talking about my beloved coffee, and some hacks that can add health to it.

have you all tried the bullet proof coffee recipe?  i posted about it a while back, but wasn’t super crazy about it because it turned out greasy the first few times i tried it.  this time it really worked!

apparently, coffee mixed with grass-fed butter, will curb your appetite and help you lose weight, while giving you lots of energy.

and this morning’s show added collagen!  okay NOW i’m interested.

so here’s what i did this morning:

  1. i made my coffee, just like normal.  we have a nespresso and it makes a gorgeous, frothy decaf.
  2. i melted a tablespoon of KERRYGOLD grass-fed butter in the microwave.
  3. in a milk frother (or you can use a jar with an airtight lid, like a mason jar), add the butter, 2-4 Tablespoons hot water, and a scoop of collagen (found in most health food stores).  shake, or froth, until thoroughly combined, and add to your coffee.
  4. drink!

i am thrilled with the flavor and texture.  it’s rich and satisfying, and i’m anxious to see if the collagen makes my skin firmer.  also, collagen has protein in it, so i’m glad to get a little more protein in my diet, while drinking coffee!

i can never do anything consistently, but i will TRY to have this bullet-proof coffee + collagen every day and report back to you all with the results!

i am definitely extremely full after the cup of coffee.  like i just had a pasta dinner!


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