pink latte? what?

i just had to try this immune-boosting pink latte i heard about on TV.  it’s all the rage in larger cities (than mine) and i hope it’s coming to KC soon.  well, i guess, technically, it did!  it came to pixy’s kitchen anyway.

it is absolutely DELICIOUS, y’all.

wait till you hear what’s in this latte.

i don’t even want to tell you.  i’m afraid you’ll scrunch up your nose and think it’s gross.

but just look at it!


alright, alright, you’re probably thinking pepto-bismal.  it’s so warm, nutty, and sweet, you have to trust me!

or make one yourself!

here’s what you need…

  1. one roasted beet
  2. 1 cup almond milk
  3. squirt of honey
  4. dash of cinnamon
  5. dash of ginger

that’s all!

i forgot to add the honey my first batch and it still was divine.  add the honey and you’ll be dancing around your kitchen.

i recommend you roast some beets and just keep them in the fridge ~ that way you can pull one beet out and easily make yourself one here and there.

just look at this gorgeous color!


apparently this drink is immune-boosting?

honestly, i tried it because i was curious, and also, because i need another drink than coffee, tea, and water.  that’s all i can really drink at this point.  and it’s all decaf for that matter.  i needed some variety.

(i also discovered a great mock margarita!  sparkling water, a splash of margarita mix, and lots of lime.  delightful!)

back to the pepto…ahem…i mean, pink latte.

here’s how to do it!

  • in a blender, add 3/4 cup almond milk (unsweetened, unflavored), and one beet, peeled and chopped.  blend until smooth and pour into a small sauce pan.  heat to boiling and pass through a fine sieve lined with a paper towel or a coffee filter.  you might have to push the liquid through with a spoon or muddler.
  • add to a coffee mug and heat the remaining 1/4 cup almond milk in that same sauce pan. add a dash of cinnamon and ginger, and whisk until frothy.  pour on top of the pink drink and enjoy!!!

the bad part about this morning treat:  you’ve just dirtied up a blender, a sauce pan, a whisk, a coffee mug, etc…

but it’s so worth it when it’s chilly and rainy outside and you just need something comforting to cheer your morning up.

like this morning in KC!

i actually do feel very energetic and bright after sipping this drink!  hope you try it too!

UPDATE:  i am sad to report that these pink lattes aren’t half as good with store-bought almond milk.  the good news is ~ almond milk is so easy to make!  soak almonds in water for at least an hour, blend, then pour into a kitchen towel and squeeze the milk into a bowl.  it’s divine.

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