summer summer summertime.

just testing this new blog theme ~ now with ads!  so exciting!  i hope they’re not too much trouble or too annoying for you lovely readers.  this definitely motivates me to cook more healthy food, and post it all with pretty little pictures!!

for teachers and performers, the beginning of summer feels so much more like the new year than january 1st.  it’s a time to take up healthy habits, get more rest, calm the heck down, and spend more time with the ones you love.

i’ve just been given a clean bill of health after several years of searching for answers about my quirky, sometimes terrible, digestion, and i feel like it’s a completely new beginning for me.  i’m even more passionate about eating healthy, now that i’ve seen the inside of my colon!  and knowing that i’m one of the lucky ones makes me want to do great things for myself, and great things for others as well.

so, with that, here are my summer resolutions!

  1. choose reading over tv.
  2. choose being outside over being inside.
  3. choose plants over any other type of food.
  4. choose yoga, meditation and prayer over stress and self-loathing.
  5. choose friends over netflix.

do you have any summer resolutions?  if so, post them!  we all want to hear your goals for a healthier, happier summer!

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