SSS nut mix.

So this is technically the 5th day of my Whole 30 experience, but the 1st day was a little wonky.  I’m still counting it.  Anyway, I’m loving this so far.  I feel great and my workouts have been really awesome.  The whole week has been awesome, actually. One thing I’m learning about a “diet” like this (I hate that word) is that if I don’t … Continue reading SSS nut mix.

chicken and sauerkraut ~ two ways.

i love repurposing leftovers.  i feel so smug when i find a way to clean out the fridge and use every bit of food until it’s gone.  i really feel like a self-proclaimed queen of yummy leftovers.  but that probably should go to my mom.  okay i’m the princess, at least. and while i’m not a huge fan of chicken, this WHOLE 30 diet thing … Continue reading chicken and sauerkraut ~ two ways.

dill pasta salad w/yogurt dressing

Gooooood morning from Indiana!!!  It’s absolutely beautiful here ~ cool breeze, hot sun, and we’re out in the middle of the country, eating amazing food, having fun with family, and watching the corn grow! Last night I made a pasta salad to go with my brother-in-law’s incredible charcoal-grilled-to-perfection ribeye steaks.  MAN they were good.  And the pasta salad wasn’t too shabby either. Got a little … Continue reading dill pasta salad w/yogurt dressing