i’ve started this a little early, but i declare august my detox month!  i’m doing the whole 30 ~ heard of it?  i’m sure you have.  it’s all the rage.  30 days with no sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, all the stuff that tastes so good but makes us feel so bad.

so for 30 days, i will choose feeling good over any other cravings.  i crave to feel good.  i crave to sleep well.  i crave lightness and clarity.  so here we go.

i’ve been reluctant to announce this on my blog, or to anyone for that matter, because i have a tendency to rebel if i know other people know.  it works just the opposite for me ~ accountability makes me rebel.  i also didn’t want to announce this because i’ve done other detoxes and programs (weight watchers) and have had very little success.  i didn’t want to send you down another rabbit hole with me!

but the thing that made me change my mind was:  in the few days i’ve been on this plan, i’ve made some damn good food!!!  i felt like it has inspired me to cook healthy, light, smart, and YUMMY!

so, if i’m able, i will try to post all the successful meals of my next 30 days.  you can eat meat on this plan, and while i’m not a huge meat eater, i’m probably going to partake.  lots of fish for sure, maybe a little chicken, and occasionally a steak.

but vegetables are the STAR OF THE SHOW!!!

ever heard anyone say they just don’t eat vegetables?  that’s like saying you just don’t get your oil changed in your car.  how does your body work without them?  not very well, y’all.  not very well.

start with one vegetable you like (no potatoes ~ caught you) and just incorporate it into a meal every day.  then add one more.  then try an in-season veggie from the farmer’s market.  you get the picture.

i hope i can inspire you over the next 30 days and beyond!!!

recipes coming SOOOOON….

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