WHOLE 30 AUGUST ~ day 30.

okay folks.  i started the WHOLE 30 last tuesday, and the entire week was full of delicious, healing, amazing food!  and no wine!  and i did great until sunday.  i fell off the wagon at a dinner party on sunday, and then we went to see kurt elling and branford marsalis at the kauffman center last night, and that prompted “date night red wine” drinking…

since it’s august 1st today, i’d like to start over and stay true to the diet for the entire month.  i hope not to confuse anyone, but i’m going to count it down ~ so today is day 30!!!

one thing i want to make sure i don’t do, is try to rush these 30 days.  i love this food ~ i love how i feel when i don’t drink ~ there’s no reason to feel like i’m missing out on anything.  i’ve had cheese, wine and bread before, and i know what it tastes like.  and i love it.  and it will all be waiting for me in september, should i choose to pick it all back up again.

in the meantime, i’m going to focus on other things.

like this lovely watermelon mint mocktail!!!


just a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to get you through the dog days of summer (where on earth did that term come from?)

this is so easy.


get it?  it’s not a mojito?  it’s a NO-jito!  hardy har har…

  • in the bottom of a pretty little glass (or a cocktail shaker), muddle some fresh lime juice, fresh mint, and cubes of watermelon.  muddle until you get a pink, fragrant mixture.
  • top with sparkling water and enjoy!

that’s it!

cheers to a great august!!!

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