WHOLE 30: 25 days left.


the hub thinks i shouldn’t be so honest on my blog.

but i want to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  so help me blog.  ha ha ha.

i’m learning a lot.  there’s good and bad…

the bad news: i keep slipping up and having a drink.  last night i had a few cocktails with some great friends.  it was so fun and i don’t really regret it, per se.  i just wish i could have been perfect on this WHOLE 30 journey.

the good news: i’ve stopped wanting a glass of wine every night with my dinner at home. i really think i am making progress ~ it’s just not cold turkey.

the bad news: there was a taco bell run last night.  dictated by the hub, but i didn’t hesitate to order two tacos as well.

the good news:  they tasted terrible!  they tasted like they were laced with some kind of chemical-induced sugar that burned my tongue ~ maybe xylitol?  i have no idea but for the first time, i really didn’t like them.

i think my tastebuds are changing, and i’m starting to feel my energy go up.  and now that my neck feels better, i’m raring to go back to the gym!

two things i need to keep in mind about the WHOLE 30:

  1. i need to stop looking for results in my weight.  maybe i’m never going to like how i look.  maybe i should just get over it and enjoy my life.
  2. NO GUILT.  if you fall off the wagon, get back on and learn something from it.  that’s what i’m trying to tell myself, anyway…

2 thoughts on “WHOLE 30: 25 days left.

  1. Haha to the drinks and taco bell! I think people need to live in a cave with their therapist on speed dial in order to not cheat on Whole 30

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