WHOLE 30: DAY 7.

more trouble.  more falling off the wagon.  in fact, the wagon even backed up and ran over me a few times.  there was gooey french cheese involved, a half-price red wine bottle fiasco, and a piece of birthday cake.  UGH.

but the only thing i really and truly regret is the drinking.  i woke up at 4:00 this morning and started searching for websites that address sobriety, specifically if you don’t really drink to excess.  i only want to stop drinking that one glass of wine with dinner, in hopes to feel better, and to lose weight.

what i found was a whole host of websites dedicated to this very thing.  there’s a really neat blog called “hip sobriety”, and apparently this is a thing.  people (probably very few people, but still) are wanting to eliminate drinking from their lives for so many reasons.  and it’s not just addicts.

one of the first things the website said to do was to imagine your life without drinking.  and honestly, i am going to have such a hard time with that.  most of my social events involve drinking (i’m a musician ~ they go hand in hand).  all my friends love to have wine nights and get together for happy hours, etc.  and the hub?  that’s going to be the hardest part.

i’ve tried to limit the nights that i would have a glass of wine.  “just pick two nights a week and enjoy one glass of wine those designated nights.  sure.  no problem!”  umm…which nights would that be?  every night presents a different situation ~ wednesday night church choir ~ we have a wine and cheese break.  thursday night is pizza and wine night at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.  friday night post-performance afterglow…

you get the idea.

so i need to make a clean break of this habit.  i’ll continue to be honest:  i have absolutely NO confidence that i can actually do this.  none whatsoever.  but maybe it’s better to have no faith in yourself.  that way you rely totally on a higher power to make this happen.

i’ll say one good thing:  i’m loving the mocktails at home!  i don’t feel as much of a desire to drink if we’re home, so that’s a start!  and if i can figure out a really yummy something to drink when i’m out, i could stand a better chance!

thanks again for listening.  just trying to figure all this out, and i wanted to share with you, just in case you are too.

more yummy recipes to come!!!  i promise!

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