WHOLE 30: DAY 8.

the other night, i read this awesome article about changing bad habits, and it stressed the importance of finding other things in your life ~ positive things ~ to obsess about and become your habit.

they call it a TOOLBOX.  all summer, i’ve been calling it “choosing luxury”.

so, what’s in your LUXURY TOOLBOX?

i’m just starting to form mine, but here’s what i’ve come up with so far:

  1. baking for others ~ nothing brings me more joy than baking something, wrapping it up in a pretty little package, and giving it someone.  bonus points if it can be clean and sugar-free.img_1772
  2. renovating my house ~ our sweet little jewel box needs a fresh coat of paint everywhere.  it sat too long, unloved, unwanted.  it needs TLC in every corner.  this takes money, so i’m going slow.  but man, it’s fun to finally own a house.
  3. blogging ~ duh.
  4. working ~ believe it or not, there are many facets to my job, and i really am obsessed with some of those parts.  for instance, i have created a website for merchandise, upcoming events, my own performance schedule, and even a page for musicians-for-hire!  it’s an absolute joy of mine, and i don’t mind obsessing over it and making it sing.  
  5. gimme a coffee shop ~ any coffee shop.  i am currently sitting in my new favorite coffee shop in town ~ MONARCH.  File_000-3it’s so beautiful.  the first time i walked in, i knew how i wanted my kitchen to look at home.  that mint green espresso machine has me mesmerized!  but really, any coffee shop will do.  i love the vibe, the energy, the relaxed feel yet everyone is working on their computers.  including me! (if you can call this work)
  6. hanging out on my deck ~ i don’t do it nearly enough.  add a book or a hub, and i’m in heaven.  this is an old picture ~ don’t look at that wine and cheese setup!  ha ha!IMG_0870
  7. reading! i don’t do that nearly enough either.  and if i can do it under a tree at a park, that’s a serious bonus.  when’s the last time i even thought to do that?  years.  what are you reading right now?  currently, i’m reading “Better than Before” by Gretchen Rubin, a Kansas City native!
  8. designing performance gowns ~ i know that’s a weird one, but i have always wanted to have a line of dresses and separates for musicians.  skirts that are adjustable (god forbid you ever eat a bean burrito, or have a baby), with pockets, comfortable fit, and versatile.  just writing this makes me want to jump up and run to my nearest fabric store!
  9. hot tea/hot bath/magazine ~ the ultimate, beautiful, relaxing combination.
  10. do we take naps anymore?  i really think we should.  just when i feel like i need a glass of wine, or a snack, what i really need is to decompress.  maybe i just need a 20-minute snooze.

that’s my latest LUXURY TOOLBOX.  weeks ago, it would have involved cabernet sauvignon, and a cheese platter.  i will always love those things, but they had taken over my senses to the point that i could hardly choose any other luxury but those.

i hope you’ll share with me your favorite luxuries, no matter how silly, extravagant, or personal they are.  this is a NO JUDGMENT ZONE!!!

2 thoughts on “WHOLE 30: DAY 8.

  1. I saw the Monarch the other day. I was thinking about going there to write one day. Should I? What should I order? I love coffee and am also a Whole30 enthusiast.

    1. It is a lovely place, especially for writing! The coffee is great, the music, the ambiance, and it’s an ideal place for looking out the window. Just don’t even look into the pastry case ~ there’s nothing healthy in there and they serve my ultimate weakness ~ the old-fashioned sour cream donut. HOW DARE THEY!

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