“ganache you’re beautiful” gluten free truffles.

how about a ganache truffle that you can sink your teeth into, without the guilt?

okay, there’s dark chocolate and heavy cream in these tasty morsels, but i’m not sure i want to mess with those perfect ingredients.  maybe i’ll try a cream substitute next time ~ cashew cream?

these are pretty awesome just the way they are, i have to admit.

and they were made with exactly FOUR INGREDIENTS.

how is that possible?  you might ask.

well, let me tell ya…

first, let’s make some ganache.

this is my most favorite science experiment in the world.

  • bring a cup of heavy cream to a boil and take it off the burner immediately.
  • to the pan, add a bag and a half of ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate chips.
  • let them sit there in the cream until they melt on their own.  (tampering too much with chocolate can make it gritty and cranky.  don’t anger the chocolate!)
  • after 5 minutes or so, whisk the mixture until it’s dark and velvety.  CHEMISTRY.
  • let it cool and prepare to do all sorts of things with this ganache, like eating it with a spoon straight from the pan.

it’s that easy.  as ganache cools, it moves into truffle mode.  but if you want to use this as a glaze, pour it while it’s thin.  it’s so versatile, and so perfect.  you don’t need anything else but heavy cream and DARK chocolate.

and now, here’s the rest of the recipe…

  • dump 2 cups gluten-free oats in a bowl, along with a bag of coconut (sweetened or unsweetened)
  • pour in some of the ganache and mix together with your hands.  if the mixture is too dry, add some more ganache.
  • roll into little balls and refrigerate.

you could make these truffles prettier by rolling them in sliced almonds, or powdered sugar, but i love them as-is.  they remind me of those no-bake chocolate cookies we used to make growing up in the midwest.  remember those?  i think i recall my friend jennifer (hi jennifer!!!) having those at her house all the time.  am i right jennifer?  i loved going over to her house.

try these little treats ~ they’re very satisfying!  i’m going to have one for breakfast ~ shhhh…don’t tell!

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