truffle eggs.

i don’t mean to be a jerk, but i had truffle eggs at a great restaurant here in kansas city, and they were way too expensive ~ and NOT GOOD.

so what’s so hard about making truffle eggs?  i just made them this morning and they were so flavorful and so easy.

truffle eggs are simply scrambled eggs with either shaved truffles (way too expensive), or truffle oil (i hate truffle oil).

truffle salt really is the way to go.

maybe they didn’t know that?

so where do you find truffle salt?  you can find it in a lot of stores, but if you live in a town like, say, jefferson city (hi hometown readers!!!), you might be able to find it at schnucks.  or you can order it online.

i’m a spoiled little brat and get mine in rome (don’t worry ~ it’s not that romantic ~ we take a bunch of catholic high school boys with us).

here’s what it looks like…




and why am i going on and on about this truffle salt stuff?

because it is HEAVEN in your scrambled eggs.

if you just need a little something special to start your friday (i do! i do!) but you don’t want to spoil your diet or splurge on pain au chocolat ~ TRY TRUFFLE SALT.

ooh ooh!!  i just found it online at walmart!!!

now you have no excuse not to try it!

here’s the decadent scrambled eggs with mushrooms i had this morning…


this is ONE egg, a box of sliced shiitake mushrooms, some fresh green onions, and half a cucumber chopped.

i don’t think i need to tell you how healthy this is!  but the truffle salt mixes with the mushrooms and eggs and it. is. so. darn. good.

i can’t really explain it ~ you just have to try it.

you don’t need a recipe, but i’ll just tell you what i did, okay?

  • in a frying pan (or a wok ~ i’m loving my new wok for eggs!) heat 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil and drop in a box of sliced mushrooms.  they have shiitakes now at most stores and that’s my favorite for sure.
  • don’t add any salt ~ let those mushrooms get nice and brown!
  • add a teaspoon of truffle salt, and drop in an egg or two.  stir around until it looks like scrambled eggs (duh).
  • at the end, add some fresh black pepper and the green part of some chopped green onions.  or chives or parsley.  just something green.

don’t forget to add some kind of fruit or vegetable as a side.  you get major major points for starting your day out with fruits and veggies!!!


i needed this!


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  1. I love truffle salt! I get mine from San Francisco Salt Company on Amazon. I like it on eggs and popcorn the most. Your breakfast looks delicious!

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