snow day avocado toast.

oh my my my…

it has been way too long!  i’ve been going through some life changes.  small changes to others, perhaps, but quite large to me.

i won’t bore you with the details of my strange life.  i’d much rather entice you with a delicious…


vitamin and nutrient PACKED…


yes friends, the hipster breakfast creation is still popular, even this gen-x-er is obsessed.  i can’t help it ~ i find it to be the most perfect quick-breakfast on the planet.

however, lately, i have found myself quite disappointed in the restaurant version of this amazingly simple treat.  i mean ~ how hard can it be?

rest assured ~ you WILL miss the mark if you do not add the following ingredients to your avocado toast:

  1. citrus.  avocados MUST HAVE CITRUS.  lemon or lime juice.  and plenty of it mixed in with the avocado.  you cannot skip this step.
  2. salt.  coarse kosher salt or sea salt is the best.  and don’t skimp on this step, either.
  3. fresh cracked black pepper.  avocados need that cut of something peppery and intense.  this one is not as important as steps 1 and 2, but i do highly recommend it.
  4. toast…the toast.  you must toast the toast.  and it can’t be too thick or tough.  you need to be able to pick up that piece of toast, bite a chunk out of it, and not lose a tooth.
  5. finally, get creative with the additions.  there are so many things that taste AMAZING with avocado:  go savory or sweet.  or both!

and that’s what i did yesterday morning, when i made SNOW DAY AVOCADO TOAST.


i’m a little out of practice with the food pictures.

see the ice and snow in the window?  it was a super icy, cold day ~ perfect for citrus and vitamins and minerals and sprouted grain bread!

i wanted to treat the hub on his snow day, so i added a special ingredient on top that i will ALWAYS use from now on ~ COOKIES!!!  just a sprinkle of a ginger snap or biscotti and it makes a huge difference.  so crunchy and sweet and next-level yummy!

here’s the formula:

  • use any multi-grain bread, or even better, sprouted-grain EZEKIEL bread, which can be found in the freezer section of your grocery store.  just use something hearty but not too thick or tough.
  • toast the bread till crunchy (since i don’t have a toaster, i just broil my toast in the oven, straight from the freezer)
  • while your bread is toasting, mash up an avocado with lemon or lime juice, kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and any other seasonings you prefer.  i love toasted cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, get creative!
  • top with some chopped mango.  HALLELUJAH.  or, you can do an egg, or chopped tomatoes, pickled red onion ~ whatever strikes your fancy!
  • i absolutely love chia seeds on top of all of this, but i didn’t have any, and the ice storm outside kept me from zipping to the grocery store and grabbing some.  so i went shopping in my freezer, and found some ginger snap cookies a student gave me for christmas.  they’re super crunchy and flavorful, so i just crushed some up and sprinkled them on top.  SO GOOD.  so glad i didn’t have chia seeds!


don’t be afraid to try new things, y’all.

put cookies on your avocado toast!

mix sweet with savory!

and don’t forget the CITRUS!!!!!

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