sunday fridge clean-out.

last sunday morning i stayed home from church and had a little church of my own ~ in my other sanctuary ~ my kitchen.

and just like a good sermon, we lived on that food all week long.  yesterday, thursday, we just finished it all.  it was such a healthy, easy week!

if i could truly discipline myself to do that every week, i would be in heaven.  and probably thinner!  but every week is so different when you’re a crazy musician.  consistency seems like the No. 1 key to success, and i struggle to achieve it with my schedule.

here’s what i made from my fridge full-o-veggies on sunday!

CAULIFLOWER:  i took a head of cauliflower, washed and dried it, broke it up into large pieces, brushed it with coconut oil, ghee (or butter) and balsamic vinegar.  i roasted it until BLACK on the outside in a 400 degree oven.  it probably took 45 minutes but just check on it every once in a while.  flip it over halfway through for more blackened goodness.

on the same sheet pan, i put a head of garlic (with a little olive oil and salt on top) wrapped in a piece of foil and roasted for the same amount of time.

then, i put it all in a glass container to assemble some time this week.

and we just had it!  here’s what we made with it!

(WHY am i saying “we” ~ we all know i made it and the hub ate it!)



they were so good ~ not sure the hub was in love, but the indian pulled pork i pulled out of the freezer, reheated in a few minutes, and served alongside the cauliflower cakes, was the real hit for him.

i just ate the cakes.

standing over the sink.

they were too good to even make it to the table.

here’s the link to the recipe in a separate post:

another dish i made that i really enjoyed all week, even as a snack, is this lovely little spring bling…


isn’t that gorgeous?

that’s greek salad ceviche, y’all!  (isn’t she creative?)

posting that recipe here!

and finally, my sunday clean-out brought a kick-ass pan of roasted veggies and sausage that lasted most of the week!


quel divin!!!!!

and here’s the recipe for that one:

that’s it for your weekly spiritual food segment, friends!  don’t forget to clean out your fridge and experiment!  pull it all out, especially the stuff that’s about to expire, and get creative.  if you’re stumped, i can help!




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