easy poached eggs ~ WUT?

y’all ~ i just discovered the easiest, most fool-proof way to make poached eggs!

i wasn’t even out of bed yet, messing around on some cooking website, and there it was…

poached eggs from FROZEN EGGS!!!!  “what the…are you kidding me?  no way…”

i had to try it.  so i took my last two farm-fresh eggs (thanks to my friends kate and anna, and their sweet little chickens).  i popped them in an ice cube tray, covered them, and froze them overnight.  this morning, i boiled some water with a little bit of white vinegar, as i already knew to do from previous poached egg-making excursions, and dropped the frozen egg-cubes into the water.

boiled for 5 minutes.

sat and watched the eggs and worried.

answered a few e-mails…

made some ezekiel bread toast with butter.

then pulled the eggs out with a slotted spoon and onto a paper towel to dry.  dried off the top a little, too.

i placed the eggs atop the toast and sprinkled with kosher salt, fresh black cracked pepper, and some fresh dill.

the result?


oh mamacita…

that was too easy!

i poached them a little too long ~ 5 minutes is truly all it takes.


but i like them more gelatinous than runny.  super creamy this way.

the genius website where i found this trick (i’m sad to report that i cannot remember which site) touted this method as a great way to serve a lot of people quickly for brunch or breakfast.  so they put an egg in every ice cube holder and popped them all out at once in a large pot of water (on a slow, gentle boil).  BRILLIANT!

i would probably do 6 first, then the rest.  just in case…

gonna do this for sure at my next brunch!!!

it’s also a great way to store your eggs ~ i didn’t know you could freeze them!



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