zucchini “zoodles” two ways.

i know, i know ~ i’m clearly on an italian binge. not an “italian men” binge!  let me just clarify!!! but listen, today’s lunch was so yummy that i just HAD to post it. you have to understand that i need to post these amazing meals just for me.  i need to remember what to make when i’m dying for comfort food, or happy food, … Continue reading zucchini “zoodles” two ways.

antipasti greatness.

i cannot get enough of the antipasti lifestyle this summer.  man ~ italians are BRILLIANT.  i put out this spread in just a matter of minutes, and we celebrated the beauty of dining al fresco ~ which means, “with bugs”.  ha ha ha. but seriously ~ is this not the most lovely little platter? here’s the low-down on this antipasti platter of goodness… there’s a … Continue reading antipasti greatness.