antipasti greatness.

i cannot get enough of the antipasti lifestyle this summer.  man ~ italians are BRILLIANT.  i put out this spread in just a matter of minutes, and we celebrated the beauty of dining al fresco ~ which means, “with bugs”.  ha ha ha.

but seriously ~ is this not the most lovely little platter?


here’s the low-down on this antipasti platter of goodness…

there’s a little scoop of ricotta cheese in the middle of those cucumbers and tomatoes.


it’s covered with salt, pepper, dill and chives, but it would be great with any herb combo.  i think herbes de provence would be amazing in ricotta, so if you have that, try it!

that ricotta cheese is the full fat ricotta cheese.  the low fat version might have sugar added, or something to make it taste better, so don’t buy that.  plus, it doesn’t really bring the numbers down that much.  and since i’m going keto, i’m going for full fat, baby.

ricotta cheese served with cukes and maters is what i GORGE myself on for breakfast, every time we stay at this pretty hotel in florence.  this year, they had 3 types of ricotta cheese sitting out on the buffet, rolled in various flavors and herbs.  so amazing and so fresh with cucumber and tomato.

too bad the AC didn’t work in our room, and i woke up covered in mosquito bites (i don’t want you to get the wrong idea about this braggy story about florence!)

here’s what else i added to the platter:

  • slices of parmesan cheese, rind removed, with a dollop of raw honey.  manuka honey, to be exact.  you can use any type of honey, but raw honey is “keto approved”.  it only takes a little bit to really make a slice of parmesan cheese SING.  not that parm needs any help.  it is truly the most heavenly flavor on earth, in my opinion.
  • smoked salmon ~ we bought it already sliced at costco.  it came with a dill honey mustard.  i didn’t really eat that.
  • soft-boiled eggs with truffle salt ~ AMAZING.  here’s how to make a perfectly boiled egg:  put eggs in a pan and fill with water until 1 inch over the eggs.  bring to a boil, then take off the burner, cover, and let sit for 4 minutes, if you like soft-boiled like the picture ~ 6 minutes if you like more hard-boiled.  then drain the pan and place the eggs in an ice bath (ice and water in a bowl).  let sit for 10-15 minutes.  take the eggs out and gently tap a few times, then gently roll the eggs back and forth.  that will really help peel the eggs so much easier.
  • i also made crispy prosciutto ~ probably my favorite thing on that entire platter.  place strips of prosciutto on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper, and bake in a 400 degree oven until crispy ~ you’ll smell them when they’re done, but i think it takes 15 minutes.  set your timer for 15 and then check them.  it’s like some kind of non-greasy bacon.  they’re so amazing.  i got the prosciutto at costco, too.
  • everything else is already-made, jarred ingredients.  artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, a marinated olive assortment, sliced fresh veggies, salami.
  • i also added a small green salad on the side ~ just to get our greens in.  this one was simply dressed with olive oil, a little stone ground mustard, some white balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper.  fresh and light.


the trick is to stock your fridge with things you love, and have them ready to go for a lazy antipasti lunch.  if you like pulled chicken, do it!  if you like raw almonds and blueberries, why not?

this might sound strange, but we also used chopsticks to pick up morsels straight from our antipasti platter.  it was so much easier!  we’ll do that again for sure…

of course this platter would be sensational with grilled slices of baguette, but i didn’t miss the bread, actually.  and i didn’t have a stomach ache and have to go lie down after this lovely meal.  so there’s that!

i hope this inspires you to add antipasti to your lifestyle!





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