happy rainy thursday, kansas city! i love, love, love days like this.  i don’t know if it’s the scottish in me, but a rainy day is always a good day.  it rained on my wedding day seven years ago, and this bride loved it. so, i felt the need to get some thoughts out, and i decided to share them. this blog post is all … Continue reading ch-ch-changes.

matcha green tea latte.

…with homemade almond milk. such a great way to start this rainy august day. i had TWO cups.  i couldn’t stop at just one! this is such a subtle, earthy flavor. here’s all you need: heat up a cup of homemade almond milk.  recipe here: using a small fine mesh strainer, strain in a teaspoon of matcha powder (you can find this in the … Continue reading matcha green tea latte.