happy rainy thursday, kansas city!

i love, love, love days like this.  i don’t know if it’s the scottish in me, but a rainy day is always a good day.  it rained on my wedding day seven years ago, and this bride loved it.

so, i felt the need to get some thoughts out, and i decided to share them.

this blog post is all about change.

i’ve made some changes this week.  tried some new things.  set some new habits.  and while i’m one of those weird people who thrives on change, i’ll admit that the mere act of making these changes this week has completely exhausted me.

even if you love change, it’s hard!

this week, i’ve tried a new high-intensity workout place, called POWERLIFE (yoga, barre, HIIT fitness).  the classes are heated, and yoga is combined with high cardio and HIIT training.  it is really, really hard, y’all.  i’m really out of shape, so that certainly doesn’t help.  now, if i can just stick with it until i get better at it!  also, until the constant self-body-shaming goes away (the classes have MIRRORS ~ why why why).

but i think i need to face my demons.  in front of those mirrors.  every day.  with strangers.  UGH.

let’s move on…

i’ve also tried a new vitamin ~ it’s a monthly subscription called RITUAL.  friends, i highly recommend this made-for-women vitamin.  these perfect little multi-vitamins are minty tasting and easy to swallow.  i’m in love.  i usually get overzealous and take several different supplements, but i don’t like taking pills ~ i choke on them every single morning.  so i usually end up skipping it altogether, and waste lots of money and miss out on the benefits to boot.  this is going to help me immensely, so this one is an easy new routine to start.  here’s the website if you’re interested!

here’s another thing i’ve tried and have loved this week.  i made my own homemade almond milk, and it is LOVELY!


here’s the recipe:

and with that creamy, delicious almond milk, i made my own matcha green tea latte at home this morning.  also lovely.  i might have to go back for seconds…


this latte just takes a teaspoon of matcha tea powder, and a whisk.  i bought this cute little matcha whisk at world market (not that you need it) and it’s a nice calming, sweet, fun ritual if you’re looking for something to perk you up at your desk at around 2:00 in the afternoon.  i know how boring working in an office can be.  it’s nice to have something healthy but sweet to look forward to.  i’m so incredibly lucky that i get to work from home, but i need treats too, y’all!

here’s the recipe for matcha green tea lattes with almond milk:

also with my almond milk, i made chia pudding for breakfast.  it makes a big batch, so i plan to have it every day for the next few days.  the almond milk is an overnight process, and so is the chia pudding, so here it is thursday, and i’m just now getting to try it all.  but it was worth the wait!  delicious!


here’s the easy chia pudding recipe:

very filling and yummy!!

the final thing i am eager to incorporate into my week is SELF-CARE.  i am starting to discover that i have a lot of guilt, shame, and pre-conceived notions about how my life is supposed to be going, how i’m supposed to be looking, and who i think i should be.  and that mindset is JUST. NOT. WORKING.

i’ve got some work to do.

don’t we all?




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