new me!

hello strangers!  happy fall!!!!!

i have been working on making a diet change FOR GOOD.  that’s a double-meaning right there!  it’s going to be for the good of my heart, soul, and gut, but it’s also going to be forever ~ for good.  i am making a life-change to the cleanest eating i have ever attempted, and i am on fire about it!

clean eating.  what does it mean, anyway?

it means a lot of different things for a lot of different people.  but for me, it means this:


inside and out.

as the cute little man in Bali says to Liz in “Eat, Pray, Love” ~ “smile even with your liver”.

i want my liver to smile.

i did a little ketogenic attempt this summer and i felt terrible.  i obviously didn’t do it right, but also, it wasn’t right for my body.

12 hours after going from keto to plant-based ~ actually, after the first fully vegan meal, i felt amazing.  i felt kinder.  more positive, more springy in my step.

i’ve been put on a strict diet by my new AMAZING functional medicine doctor, for my digestion.  here are the rules:

  1. no dairy.
  2. no gluten.
  3. low-sugar.
  4. digestive enzymes and other supplements provided.
  5. stop eating 3 hours before bedtime.

i was already doing the first 3 things for weeks/months/years now, but not consistently.  i cheated all the time.

but now it’s ON like donkey kong.

my 45th birthday is october 9, and i hope to up my game on this lovely blog.  more posts, more ideas, more clean eating, more yumminess!!

don’t worry ~ i won’t even mention these restrictions.  i don’t want to think about them as can’t haves ~ there are so many amazing, God-made foods out there.  Let’s gorge on what’s good and not even think about anything else!!!!

do you have a fruit or vegetable that you just cannot get enough of?  if so, tell me in the comments and i will make a cool new recipe with your healthy food in mind!

i’m going to hit the “buddha bowl” craze hot and heavy, so if you like those, stay tuned!

oh, and there will be grains.  i have really missed grains!

and there will still be red wine in my life.  but i’m calming that down little by little.

i challenge you, my lovely readers, to try these recipes, comment as much as you can, and join me in feeling your absolute best.

let’s GLOW together!!!!


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