thanksgiving afterglow.

i’m struggling to write this post because i feel like everyone is over it all at this point.  am i right?  i can’t even bring myself to cook anything, or even set foot in my kitchen for that matter. but everything turned out so yummy.  how about you?  my belly is huge, and i can’t stop snacking on leftovers, but i’m thrilled with the outcome … Continue reading thanksgiving afterglow.

sweet vegan caesar dressing.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! i’m just gonna leave this picture here, to remind you that thanksgiving is coming… so you might wanna eat some KALE before “game day”!!!! that’s what i’m doing!  in fact, i’m even making a kale salad FOR the big day!  it’s a special one, with raw brussels sprouts sliced thinly, maple candied walnuts, and a vegan caesar dressing that is to DIE FOR. here’s … Continue reading sweet vegan caesar dressing.

eggs benedict ~ featuring vegan holiday sauce.

hey kids ~ gather ’round for STORY TIME! (if you’re busy and just need the dang recipe, scroll down) a few years ago, the hub and i were driving out of town, and we stopped to get breakfast at one of your typical pancake-n-eggs restaurants.  i ordered an omelette with a side of hollandaise sauce and the woman thought i was speaking martian.  she had … Continue reading eggs benedict ~ featuring vegan holiday sauce.