wine and music!

hello food lovers!

are you, by any chance, wine lovers as well?

how about music lovers?

i’m sure most of you know that i am a professional singer, but maybe some of you don’t? anyway, i have a new concert series, called The Society of Song, and the next event is coming up soon!

this next SOS is a special one, so i thought i’d tell you about it.  it’s a WINE TASTING!!!!  this really cool, really hip sommelier is coming to the event to introduce us to some sexy wines from all over the world.  each wine will be paired with some gorgeous music from that same region.  it will be a SENSORY OVERLOAD!!!!

imagine sipping on a cotes du rhone from france, while listening to a sultry debussy chanson.

doesn’t that sound awesome?

i’m sorry to advertise on my food blog, but i just want to get the word out to anyone and everyone who might be interested in such a night!

you can purchase tickets through the website:

here’s the info i’ve been handing out around town…

tell your wine-lovin’, music-lovin’ friends!!!


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