thai coconut pumpkin soup.

i’m IN LOVE with this soup.  i want to marry it and have its babies. i’ve had two bowls of it today and cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning and have another bowl of it for breakfast. this recipe was inspired by a recipe i saw on, but i changed it up a bit to suit what i had in my fridge. but … Continue reading thai coconut pumpkin soup.

sweet vegan caesar dressing.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! i’m just gonna leave this picture here, to remind you that thanksgiving is coming… so you might wanna eat some KALE before “game day”!!!! that’s what i’m doing!  in fact, i’m even making a kale salad FOR the big day!  it’s a special one, with raw brussels sprouts sliced thinly, maple candied walnuts, and a vegan caesar dressing that is to DIE FOR. here’s … Continue reading sweet vegan caesar dressing.