thanksgiving afterglow.

i’m struggling to write this post because i feel like everyone is over it all at this point.  am i right?  i can’t even bring myself to cook anything, or even set foot in my kitchen for that matter.

but everything turned out so yummy.  how about you?  my belly is huge, and i can’t stop snacking on leftovers, but i’m thrilled with the outcome of our little semi-vegan thanksgiving.

here’s the quick scoop on parts of the menu:

THAI PUMPKIN/COCONUT SOUP:  this is a gem of a recipe.  i made the exact recipe from the amazing BLENDER GIRL this time, and added a cranberry salsa on top (a family tradition).  the combo was so delicious.

  • here’s the recipe i used:  it is truly divine, and so clean and healthy.
  • i added this cranberry salsa…mix together the following: dried cranberries, lime juice, “sambal oelek” chili sauce, cinnamon, cilantro, and honey.  stir together and let marry in the fridge for a few hours.  (make a lot of that salsa ~ you’re going to want leftovers!)

ITALIAN-BRINED CORNISH GAME HENS (the only non-vegan item on the menu)

  • my mom used a turkey brining kit and it turned out so wonderful.  took only a few hours to brine, and only a few hours to cook.  a great turkey shortcut!
  • she added sliced oranges and lemons to the insides.  i only took a bite, but it was juicy and flavorful.


  • my mom made this as well.  she just browned a box of baby bellas in some vegan butter, added corn starch, salt and lots of pepper, and turkey broth.  could be made vegan easily with veggie broth…

ORANGE-CRANBERRY SAUCE (a new recipe i tried, also from the BLENDER GIRL!)

  • i really loved this recipe as well!  it’s definitely more tart than most people like, but i really love tart.  you can always add more sugar or maple syrup, but it accompanies the rich thanksgiving food so well when it’s tart and tangy.

OLIVE OIL MASHED POTATOES WITH ROASTED GARLIC AND TRUFFLE SALT:  these are my kind of mashed potatoes.  full of hearty flavor and salted well.  period. i don’t need no stinking butter or cream!  🙂

  • here’s the recipe ~ AGAIN, the BLENDER GIRL (it’s like i’m obsessed or something)
  • i changed the recipe up a bit:  i used a whole head of roasted garlic instead of onion, and added truffle salt.  i used fresh rosemary and sprinkled the whole dish with fresh chives.  (they were really good straight out of the fridge, cold, the next day!)

BALSAMIC GREEN BEANS ~ my own creation!  it’s a mixture of asian and italian flavors.  here’s the recipe.

  • in a sauce pan on medium, heat 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil and 1-2 tablespoons toasted sesame seed oil, and add a few slices of red onion and garlic.
  • after the whole kitchen smells amazing, (a minute or so), turn it down to low and add the following:  soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, veggie broth, 1 inch or so of grated ginger, and 1 tablespoon or more of honey.  let simmer until the sauce reduces in size and becomes a little more concentrated.
  • and that’s your sauce!  the next day, you can parboil fresh green beans in heavily-salted water, for just a few minutes to soften them.  drain and dry them off with a towel.
  • toss sauce, green beans, and chopped water chestnuts in a pan and heat through.
  • serve tossed with toasted sesame seeds and toasted sliced almonds.  i didn’t have basil, but i would have definitely added basil at this point.

really happy about this new green bean recipe!!!!

CLASSIC STUFFING STUDDED WITH ROASTED SWEET POTATOES:  my mom made this as well.  very good and great leftover!

BRUSSELS SPROUT/KALE CAESAR WITH SWEET VEGAN CAESAR DRESSING:  my favorite dressing to date!  here’s the link:

LEE’S FOCACCIA (my beloved friend, lee, gave me his focaccia recipe!) ~ i did not succeed with this recipe, but thank god i had it the next night at his house!  it was so amazing.  i’ll perfect my skills and get back to you!

PUMPKIN PIE (made with coconut milk and grain-free almond tart crust) we used my grain-free almond tart crust, and my mom used a filling recipe with coconut milk.  it wasn’t too sweet or rich, and the flavor was awesome.

here’s the tart crust recipe:

pulse the following in a food processor until the mixture forms a ball:

  • 2 cups blanched almond flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt (or just a pinch)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 large egg (or flax egg)

grease a pie pan with coconut oil and press the dough in.  blind bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.  then add your filling and bake the whole thing according to your own favorite pumpkin pie directions.

i loved this crust with pumpkin pie.  so nutty and simple.

TRIFECTA PIE ~ my mom found this ~ a pie made in a large sheet pan, with three varieties of fillings lined up like little soldiers!  she chose pear with fig jam, mixed berry (our favorite), and apple with cheddar cheese.  the cheddar cheese wasn’t really worth it.  we probably didn’t add enough.  you could definitely do vegan cheddar for this…

there’s the skinny on thanksgiving 2018!


please share any great recipes you made this year!!!

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