fat and fruity snacks.


okay, maybe i am a little of both.  there are worse things to be!

in fact, i’m not as sad about my recent weight gain as i thought i’d be.  i earned every single one of those pounds, by completely failing at the ever-popular KETO diet.

everyone out there is just dropping weight like crazy on this KETO craze.  i, however, gained 8 pounds attempting it over the summer.  those uninvited 8 pounds stowed away in my butt, thighs, and belly (hell, my arms and face too) and liked me so much that they decided to stay and bring along a few friends to boot.

you know what?  that’s okay.  here’s my chance to ignore the external for just a bit, and truly eat and do what makes me feel good on the inside.


if you put good, healthy fat, with yummy fruit, it’s divine.


pineapple + avocado + chia seeds

raw sliced almonds + blueberries + quinoa

walnuts + honey crisp apple slices + cinnamon

pistachio “nutmeats” + segmented grapefruit + fresh spinach

kalamata olives + segmented orange + marinated feta (or tofu)

dark chocolate + chopped young dried coconut + dried cherries + raw almonds

eggs over-medium + braised tomato + sautéed spinach (maybe THE most perfect breakfast)

i could go on and on.  i’m not really very interested in eliminating fruit from my diet, if that means i’m going to lose weight.  i don’t eat it every day, but when i do, i instantly feel better, and more alive ~ so you do the math.

here’s what i just ate for a snack-type lunch (since i had a big breakfast):


yum yum yummmmm….

aaaaand here’s the glorious ingredient list:

  • avocado
  • pineapple
  • chia seeds (1 tablespoon)
  • juice of half a lemon
  • chili lime salt (or just chili powder)
  • extra pinch of salt

that’s it!  that easy!  use mango instead of pineapple, or sliced raw almonds instead of chia seeds, and on and on.  the possibilities are endless.

it’s so simple to make a healthy snack!

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